Our Process

Your F&I process is the benchmark

Once your F&I playbook is set up in AutoTrainer (confidential and private to your dealerships), the AI system establishes the baseline performance and best practices for your F&I conversations.

Compliance is built-in

With state-specific compliance laws pre-loaded in AutoTrainer, our AI can monitor adherence to your compliant F&I process and provide a clear audit record whenever needed.

Every client transaction monitored & scored

Each F&I transaction conversation can be monitored by AutoTrainer AI, providing coaching tips before, during, and after the F&I sales process for your F&I Managers.

At the end of each transaction, F&I Managers receive scores based on their performance across multiple categories, including Process, Compliance, Profit, and Overall Score.

Drive action with meaningful insights

AutoTrainer is configured to optimize for less noise and more signal, delivering impactful analytics that drive action.

For F&I Managers, AutoTrainer identifies areas of opportunity and offers on-demand coaching role-play to improve performance.

For Dealership Managers and F&I Trainers, AutoTrainer provides dashboards and analytics with aggregate scores to track and accelerate performance for every dealership.
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