Our Advantages


Your dealership's F&I process is custom installed in the AI as the benchmark and baseline for your F&I Manager performance.

Before each sale, customers use the AI to take your fully customizable survey. The AI provides insights to your F&I Managers about the customers' buying habits while speeding up the F&I process.

During the sale, every client transaction is monitored by the AI, and each conversation is scored with real-time coaching provided for F&I Managers.

After the sale, AutoTrainer identifies the areas of opportunity for each F&I Manager, and provides Dealership Managers with dashboards and analytics to track and improve F&I performance.


Best-In-Class Knowledge Base

With an expansive database of content, AutoTrainer leverages our knowledge base and know-how to bolster performance and compliance adherence for all dealerships.

Increase PVR Systematically

The best F&I Managers and Trainers know that having a consistent, repeatable process that is rigorous and optimized leads to the highest PVR in the industry. They also know that this can take time for new or underachieving F&I Managers to develop. AutoTrainer systematically supports F&I Departments with reaching and exceeding their PVR targets through real-time coaching and consistent scoring of every F&I conversation.

Actionable Analytics

AutoTrainer is configured to optimize for less noise and more signal, delivering impactful analytics that drive action. AutoTrainer identifies areas of opportunity and offers on-demand coaching role-play to improve performance. Dashboards aggregate scores to track and accelerate dealership performance.


As F&I processes become more sophisticated with new regulations and compliance requirements rolling out at State and Federal levels, AutoTrainer grades your F&I department implementation of compliance.

Sustained Performance

Even with ongoing investment into training, after time elapses most F&I Managers return to their old ways and performance declines. AutoTrainer is a 24/7/356 monitor of performance that super-charges F&I, allowing dealers to proactively address additional coaching and training needs.

Employee Accountability

Visibility and transparency become seamless with AutoTrainer's technology. Get a 360-degree view of your F&I performance through AutoTrainer's product suite.

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