Our Advantages

For Agents & TPAs

Your F&I processes are custom-installed and kept confidential in the AI as the benchmark and baseline for your F&I Manager performance.

Before each sale, customers use the AI to take your fully customizable survey. The AI provides insights to your F&I Managers about the customers' buying habits while speeding up the F&I process.

During the sale, every client transaction is monitored by the AI, and each conversation is scored with real-time coaching provided for F&I Managers.

After the sale, AutoTrainer identifies the areas of opportunity for each F&I Manager, and provides you with dashboards and analytics to track and improve F&I performance.


Best-In-Class Knowledge Base

With an expansive database of content, AutoTrainer leverages our knowledge base paired with your confidential, proprietary processes to bolster performance and compliance adherence for all dealerships.

Increase Product Sales

AutoTrainer can provide analytics for each agency, dealership and F&I manager that represents your products and services to drive your business. With AutoTrainer data, you will be able to determine who is best-in-class at selling your products. Products per deal, per vehicle retail profits and other KPIs will be provided so you can reward the top producers and coach those with opportunities.

Actionable Analytics

AutoTrainer is configured to optimize for less noise and more signal, delivering impactful analytics that drive action. AutoTrainer identifies areas of opportunity and offers on-demand coaching role-play to improve performance. Dashboards aggregate scores to track and accelerate dealership performance.


As F&I processes become more sophisticated with new regulations and compliance requirements rolling out at State and Federal levels, AutoTrainer grades dealership implementation of compliance as well.

Sustained Performance

AutoTrainer is a 24/7/356 monitor of performance. You can remotely monitor and proactively pinpoint opportunities for improvements.


Visibility and transparency become seamless with AutoTrainer's technology. Have an always-on, 360-degree view of F&I performance with AutoTrainer's product suite.

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