AutoTrainer is the flagship product from Anomaly Labs, focusing advanced AI technology to support Auto Finance and Insurance (F&I) departments. AutoTrainer’s conversational AI offers real-time objection handling, post-sale instant replay, deal scoring and benchmarking.

Founded by Marty Hu, AutoTrainer by Anomaly Labs is backed by Quiet Capital (investors in Airbnb, Flexport, Uber, and more) and other top investors.


Supercharge F&I productivity through AI.


AutoTrainer helps customers increase PVR by providing advanced AI tools that improve their efficiency, productivity, and close rates.


  • We hold ourselves to a higher standard: Doing the right thing matters, and it matters most when it’s hard.

  • We make decisions with people in mind: Caring about one another, and treating others with dignity and respect, is important to us.

  • We communicate with transparency: Being authentic and honest enables autonomy and better decision-making.

  • We challenge assumptions: Thinking from First Principles empowers us to solve complicated problems and unlock creativity by asking questions, gathering evidence, and clarifying our thinking.

  • We are action-oriented: Taking initiative, and being efficient reduces friction and increases output

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