Marty Hu

Founder & CEO

Marty Hu is the CEO/Founder of AutoTrainer and a 3x serial entrepreneur with two exits. He studied Computer Science at Stanford and previously founded Predictive Edge, an AI company acquired by Dropbox. He was then co-founder and CTO of Prodigy, an Automotive Software company that Upstart acquired for $100M. Marty joined Upstart Holdings as VP of Technology and helped grow Prodigy within Upstart to over 250 people and 1000+ rooftops. Fundamentally a builder at heart, Marty is excited to bring breakthrough technology to the Automotive Industry again at AutoTrainer.

Carl Grane

Head of Business Development

Carl Grane's role includes product development, marketing, distribution, and end user utilization of AutoTrainer’s product suite.

Prior to AutoTrainer, Carl was the VP of F&I Agency at Zurich N.A., the Director of Training for APCO Holdings, and District Manager at both American Financial & Automotive Services as well as Gulf States Financial Services.