Our Advantages

For trainers

Your training F&I process is custom installed in the AI as the benchmark and baseline for your F&I Manager performance.

During each role playing session the role play is monitored by the AI, and each conversation is scored with real-time coaching provided for F&I Managers.

After each role play, AutoTrainer identifies the areas of opportunity for each F&I Manager, and provides the Trainer with dashboards and analytics to track and improve F&I performance.


Sustained Performance

Once a student participates in your class, performance is expected to improve. You are held accountable for the improvement. After time elapses most students return to their old ways and performance declines. AutoTrainer is a 24/7/356 monitor of your students' performance. You can monitor students' performance and prove the advancement with the dealer's own data. If a student's performance starts to decline, you can proactively pinpoint exactly what part of the process needs additional coaching.

Time Savings

How many hours have you spent watching, listening to and grading your students' role play recordings? AutoTrainer takes your customized process and grades your students role playing based on your own process. Trainers can provide results while the student is still in class, gaining additional opportunity for training.

Measuring Results of Your Class

With AutoTrainer you can have Before and After student scores on F&I process, compliance and other KPIs. These results are all provided via AI interaction, scalable for every class.

Actionable Analytics

AutoTrainer is configured to optimize for less noise and more signal, delivering impactful analytics that drive action. AutoTrainer identifies areas of opportunity and offers on-demand coaching role-play to improve performance. Dashboards aggregate scores to track and accelerate dealership performance.


Do you have a compliance section in your class? As F&I processes become more sophisticated with new regulations and compliance requirements rolling out at State and Federal levels, AutoTrainer grades your students' implementation of compliance, too.

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