AutoTrainer is the Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) Coaching and Training Platform for F&I Managers, incorporating three steps of the full process:
  • Before the Offer Customer Survey
  • During the Offer AI Transaction Recording
  • After the Offer full Data Analytics
The AutoTrainer product also includes access to F&I Manager AI Role Playing.

Product Suite Highlights

Before the Offer:

Full customizable Customer Survey taken before the customer enters F&I. Provides insights to the customers buying habits while speeding up the F&I process by conducting most of the customer interview.

During the Offer:

While using the preferred F&I process, AI records the transaction and immediately transcribes the conversation. The recording and text supports real-time compliance with Federal laws that must be followed during the transaction.

After the Offer:

AI will “grade” the F&I Managers performance against the preferred F&I process. AI will offer insights for each verbal checkpoint that is built into the F&I process. AutoTrainer will also grade the F&I Manager on compliance, profitability, utilization, and designate an overall score. 

AI Role Play Feature

AutoTrainer provides a full-time role play AI assistant for F&I Managers to practice any step of the F&I Transaction. AutoTrainer provides real world customer interaction and role playing with the AI software platform. 
ComplianceTrainer is included in the AutoTrainer suite of products.
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