ComplianceTrainer includes documentation and online, video-based trainings.

Product Highlights

Full-time oversight on every customer transaction. Using AI, ComplianceTrainer records the transaction, transcribes the conversation, and grades the F&I Manager’s performance against Federal laws that must be followed during the transaction.
ComplianceTrainer keeps the transcript and audio files in a secure data center to comply with Federal record-keeping and Safeguards Rule requirements.
Using AI, ComplianceTrainer checks for verbal disclosure of Offering Price, and grades the F&I Manager.

Documentation is included for:

  • Sales Policy
  • F&I Policy
  • Sales Non-Negotiables
  • F&I Non-Negotiables

Online, video-based training for Management, F&I, and Sales personnel is included for:

  • Discrimination
  • Ethics
  • Safeguards Rule
  • Adverse Actions 
  • Cash Reporting
  • Credit Applications 
  • Customer Signature 
  • Red Flags Rule 
  • Conditional Delivery 
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act  
  • Privacy Rule  
  • Non-Negotiables
  • Quoting Payments 
  • Regulation M
  • Regulation Z 
  • Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices  
  • Used Car Rule  
  • Negative Equity 
  • OFAC  
  • Red Flags Rule  
  • Risk-Based Pricing Notices
  • F&I Menus
  • Menu Vocabulary
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